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Test Code ZIN24 / 003434-LC ZINC, 24-HOUR URINE

Performing Laboratory

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)

Useful For

Evaluating zinc exposure, low serum zinc levels, and the compliance in oral zinc therapy of Wilson disease

Method Name

Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)

Reference Values

Environmental exposure:

100 – 900 µg/g creatinine

150 – 1200 µg/24 hours

Days and Times Test Performed

Tuesday through Friday

Report Available

1 Day

Specimen Type

Urine, 24-Hour

Preferred Container

24-Hour Urine Container – No preservative

Preferred Volume

Urine, 24-Hour: 5 mL (24-Hour Urine Container)

Minimum Volume

Urine, 24-Hour: 1.7 mL (24-Hour Urine Container)

Specimen Collection and Handling

1. No preservative

2. Maintain at ambient temperature.

To Process:

1. Mix well and record 24-hour volume prior to aliquoting.

2. 5 mL aliquot from a 24-hour urine collection.

3. Send aliquot at room temperature.

4. Indicate 24-hour volume on the requisition form.

Click here to view the Urine Aliquoting Guide for Processing

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type: Urine, 24-Hour

Frozen: 14 Days

Refrigerated: 14 Days

Room Temp: 14 Days

Note: Stable x3 freeze/thaw cycles.

Add On Capable

Contact Reference Lab – If add-on can never be done, report the test to the Administrative Analyst

Advance Beneficiary Notice Requirements

No ABN Required

CPT Code Information

CPT Code

CPT Description

CPT Disclaimer

82570 Creatinine, Other Source, Quantitative
84630 Zinc, Quantitative



Performing Laboratory Location

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)