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Additional Codes

Software Test Code

Performing Laboratory

NorDx Laboratories

Useful For

Detecting the presence and identification of Candida glabrata

Clinical Significance

Aiding in the detection and diagnosis of vaginitis/vaginosis

Method Name

Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)

Reference Values


Days and Times Test Performed

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Report Available

2 Days

Specimen Type

Submit one of the following:

~ Swab from Affected Area

~ Urine

Preferred Container

Cobas® PCR Collection Kit – Additional acceptable containers; viral transport medium, ThinPrep®.

Sterile Container – No preservatives

Preferred Volume

Urine: 50 mL (Sterile Container)

Minimum Volume

Urine: 10 mL (Sterile Container)

Specimen Collection and Handling

Submit only one of the following specimens:

VAGINAL SWAB (Preferred Female Specimen):

1. Collect using the Cobas® PCR Sample Collection Kit (Yellow Top Tube), M4, or UTM. 2. Insert dry swab into vagina and rotate 10-30 seconds to ensure adequate sampling. 3. Transfer swab into the tube and break the shaft at the scored line. 4. Leave swab in the transport medium and replace the tube cap securely to prevent leaking. 5. Label the transport tube according to policy and transport to the lab for testing. 6. Send refrigerated.

URINE (Accepted, but not preferred specimen type):

1. Patient must not have urinated for at least 2 hours prior to sampling. 2. Collect 10-50 mL of first catch urine (first part of the stream) in a sterile container without preservatives. 3. Seal the container and label according to policy. 4. Send refrigerated. 5. Specimen source is required on the request form for processing. 6. Male urine is acceptable.

Rejection Information

Receipt of transport medium with no swab.

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type: Swab from Affected Area

Refrigerated: 7 Days

Room Temp: 24 Hours

Note: ROOM TEMP Stability (15-25°C): THIN PREP & Cobas Probe ONLY: 30 Days

Specimen Type: Urine

Refrigerated: 7 Days

Room Temp: 24 Hours

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Advance Beneficiary Notice Requirements

No ABN Required

CPT Code Information

CPT Code

CPT Description

CPT Disclaimer

87481 Infectious Agent Detection by Nucleic Acid (DNA or RNA), Candida Species, Amplified Probe Technique  

Performing Laboratory Location

NorDx Laboratories