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Test Code FVZMC / FVZMC-M Varicella Zoster Virus Ab, IgM, CSF

Additional Codes

Software Test Code
Mayo Clinic Laboratories FVZMC


Method Name

Semi-Quantitative Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

Reference Values

≤0.90 ISR


0.90 ISR or less            Negative - No Significant Level of IgM antibody to varicella-zoster detected.

0.91 - 1.09 ISR             Equivocal - Repeat testing in 10-14 days may be helpful.

1.10 ISR or greater        Positive - Significant level of IgM antibody to varicella-zoster virus detected, which may indicate current or recent infection. However, low levels of antibodies may occasionally persist for more than 12 months post-infection.

While the presence of IgM antibodies suggest current or recent infection, low levels of IgM antibodies may occasionally persist for more than 12 months post-infection.

The detection of antibodies to varicella-zoster in CSF may indicate central nervous system infection. However, consideration must be given to possible contamination by blood or transfer of serum antibodies across the blood-brain barrier.

Performing Laboratory

ARUP Laboratories

Days and Times Test Performed

Monday through Friday

Report Available

3 - 11 Days

Analytic time for send out tests is the time it will take to perform testing once it has arrived at the performing reference lab. Please add 1 to 2 days from time of collection to allow for receipt at NorDx central lab and shipment of specimen, add another day if specimen is collected on the day before a weekend or holiday.

Profile Information

VZV Antibody IgM, CSF

Specimen Type

Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF)

Preferred Volume

0.5 mL spinal fluid (CSF)

Minimum Volume

0.3 mL CSF

Specimen Collection and Handling

Ship refrigerated in a plastic vial.

Rejection Information

Hemolysis Mild OK; Gross OK
Thawing Warm reject; Cold OK
Lipemia Mild OK; Gross OK
Icterus NA
Other Hemolyzed, Heat-inactivated or contaminated


Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type Temperature Time
CSF Refrigerated (Preferred) 14 Days
  Frozen 365 Days


Add On Capable


CPT Code Information



LOINC Code Information



Chicken Pox
Herpes Zoster