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Performing Laboratory

NorDx Laboratories

Useful For

This test is generally used by Clinicians to monitor post-transplant production of donor specific HLA antibodies following solid organ transplantation. Most local DSA testing is ordered by the Maine Nephrologists following Kidney Transplant at MMC. Donor HLA information is required and any information regarding the biological relationship to the Recipient is highly recommended for this test. Persons ordering this test should be familiar with the use and limitations of this test.

Method Name


Days and Times Test Performed

Monday through Friday

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Preferred Container

Red Top Tube

Preferred Volume

Whole Blood: 20 mL (Red Top Tube)

Minimum Volume

Collecting minimum volumes can result in a need for sample recollection, and/or a delay in results. Minimum volumes are subjective and cannot account for all aspects of specimen and testing needs. Refer to the Preferred Volume section for optimal volumes for laboratory specimens.


Whole Blood: 4 mL (Red Top Tube)


Specimen Collection and Handling

For MMC transplant patients only seen by the Maine Transplant program.

1. Collect 20 mL of blood in 2 10-mL red top tubes or 3 7-mL red top tubes and label appropriately (see minimum volume section for pediatric requirements).

2. Do not spin or aliquot

3. Forward at ambient temperature

4. Please contact the HLA Lab with any questions regarding testing or sample collection (including sample stability information): 207-396-7706/396-7717

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type: Whole Blood

Refrigerated: 3 Days

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Advance Beneficiary Notice Requirements

No ABN Required

Performing Laboratory Location

NorDx Laboratories