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Important Note

** PLEASE NOTE: Effective 05/26/2022 - Due to national reagent constraints, this testing is temporarily unavailable at LabCorp. An equivalent test will be temporarily sent out to another reference lab as a Reference Miscellaneous order. Performing reference laboratory is subject to change based on reagent availability

Continue to order this current built test code; orders will be changed and resulted as a Reference Miscellaneous Lab order, by lab staff, while testing is being performed at another applicable reference lab.

Additional Codes

Software Test Code
LabCorp 007286


Performing Laboratory

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)

Useful For

Erythrocyte cholinesterase is measured to diagnose organophosphate and carbamate toxicity and to detect atypical forms of the enzyme.
Cholinesterase is irreversibly inhibited by organophosphate insecticides and reversibly inhibited by carbamate insecticides.

Clinical Significance

Serum or plasma pseudochdinesterase is a better measure of acute toxicity, while erythrocyte levels are better for chronic exposure.

Method Name


Spectrophotometry (SP)

Reference Values

5,300-10,000 U/L

Days and Times Test Performed

Monday through Friday

Report Available

2-4 Days

Analytic time for send out tests is the time it will take to perform testing once it has arrived at the performing reference lab. Please add 1 to 2 days from time of collection to allow for receipt at NorDx central lab and shipment of specimen, add another day if specimen is collected on the day before a weekend or holiday.

Specimen Type

Whole Blood

Preferred Container

Lavender Top Tube (EDTA)

Preferred Volume

Whole Blood: 5 mL (Lavender Top Tube (EDTA))

Minimum Volume

Whole Blood: 1 mL (Lavender Top Tube (EDTA))

Specimen Collection and Handling

1. Send at ambient temperature and in primary collection container.

2. Do not centrifuge.

Rejection Information

Plasma specimen, anticoagulants other than EDTA, frozen whole blood received, and hemolysis

Specimen Stability Information

Specimen Type: Whole Blood

Refrigerated: 14 Days

Room Temp: 14 Days

Note: Unstable when frozen – not acceptable.

Add On Capable

Contact Reference Lab – If add-on can never be done, report the test to the Administrative Analyst

Advance Beneficiary Notice Requirements

No ABN Required

CPT Code Information

CPT Code

CPT Description

CPT Disclaimer

82482 Cholinesterase, Red Blood Cells, Quantitative  

LOINC Code Information






Performing Laboratory Location

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)